Site Restructured

Site Restructured

During Yule I had time to pause and think. I took a glass of sahti and tried to look at Brewing Nordic as an outsider, or a google search engine. I noticed how badly the site was structured and that my core article on farmhouse ales was terribly long. Thus I rethought and restructured the whole site.

The internal page and link structure changed quite a bit, and because of this some old links have been broken. If you have been linking to this site before 10th of January 2017, please update your links. Since the site in the beginning and the readership have been quite small so far, I thought it is best to do fundamental changes now. From now on I try to avoid any broken links.

I chopped the article Introduction to Nordic and Baltic Farmhouse Ales into three stories: Sahti and Related Ancient Farmhouse Ales,  History of Farmhouse Ales, and Where to Find Commercial Nordic and Baltic Farmhouse Ales?. The first text replaces the old introduction. I also added links to additional material and listed some of my most important references and sources.

The Section named Modern Brews was changed to New Nordic Beer.

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