I do talks, brewing courses, brewing demonstrations, and beer tastings. In Winter 2020 I’ll be touring Norway and giving a Viking Age Brew course in Finland.

Tour of Voss

February 26–29, 2020
Voss, Norway

Voss, Norway. Photo by Dale Musselman, Flickr.

On this tour to Voss, Norway, I’ll give a talk on sahti and explore local farmhouse brewing traditions. Details to be announced!

Course on Viking Age and Medieval Brewing

March 7, 2020
Pirkkala, Finland

Brewing taari farmhouse beer at the Medieval Market of Turku

This course lasts one fun brew day. We’ll brew sahti, medieval gruit, and hopped raw ale with simple kitchenware. I’ll guide how to use and maintain kveik type house yeast. Details to be announced soon.