I do talks, brewing courses, brewing demonstrations, and beer tastings. Next, I’m at the Norsk Kornølfestival in Norway on October 2022.

Norsk Kornølfestival 2022

October 7–8, 2022
Hornindal, Norway

I took this photo near Hornindal, on my way to the Norsk Kornølfestival in 2019.

If you are interested in traditional Norwegian farmhouse ales or kveik, Norsk Kornølfestival in the place to be. The festival will gather true homebrewing farmhouse brewers from various parts of Norway. They’ll serve their beers and share their traditional farmhouse secrets of brewing techniques, home malting, and kveik. Also, there will presentations on farmhouse brewing and servings of commercial beers inspired by Norwegian farmhouse traditions.

At the festival, I’m presenting my findings on Karelian farmhouse ale Taari, and I’m also pouring my homebrewed sahti and taari.

Past Events

The Ancient Ale Day 2022

September 24, 2022
Olu Bryki Raum Brewpub, Hakrinkatu 4, Rauma, Finland

Olu Bryki Raum brewery organizes an ancient ale day in Rauma on Saturday, September 24. The venue is Olu Bryki Raum brewpub at Hakrinkatu 4 in Rauma. Free entry.


  • Ancient ale brewing demonstration.
  • Meet the guest brewer Andrus Viil from Saaremaa Pruulikoda.
  • Herb specialist Satu Hovi gives a talk on medieval brewing herbs.
  • Sahti master Tuula Viheroja tells about sahti traditions of her family.
  • Jouko Ylijoki presents his findings on traditional Finnish blacksmith ale.
  • Beer writer Mika Laitinen talks about ancient ales and the alcoholic drinks of the Viking Age.

Beers served: Ancient ales from Olu Bryki Raum (including several types of sahti), traditional Estonian koduõlu from Saaremaa Pruulikoda, and modern ales from Roiske.

Olu Bryki Raum brewery doing and ancient ale brewing demonstration at Turku Medieval Market
The Vikings of Olu Bryki Raum. These guys are on a mission from ancient Nordic gods.

I was at Norsk Kornølfestival in 2019 and I’m planning to be there in 2022 too.

Turku Medieval Market 2022

June 30July 3, 2022
Turku (Old Great Square – Suurtori), Finland

Olu Bryki Raum Brewery is brewing historical beers and selling their ancient ales at the work exhibition area of Turku Medieval Market. The festival and the brewing demonstrations begin on Thursday June 30, 2022. I’ll join the brewing demonstrations on Saturday and Sunday July 2–3, 2022.

The historical brewing demonstrations can be followed each day for the whole market time: 12–20 on Thu-Fri, and 12–18 on Sat-Sun. Every day we’ll brew a different kind of ancient ale for example with wooden brewing gear, hot stones and straw-juniper filters.

Sėkminių Sambariai Festival 2022

May 27–28, 2022
Niuronys, Anyksciai district, Lithuania

Casks of homebrewed Keptinis served at the festival.

Sėkminių Sambariai is a farmhouse beer festival farmhouse beer festival in northern Lithuania. It is based on old sharing traditions of farmhouses, so that people bring what they do best: beer, mead, food, and music. The main theme of the festival is Keptinis farmhouse ale: Keptinis is brewed at the festival and locals bring their homebrewed Keptinis for taste. I’ll give a talk about traditional Finnish farmhouse beers and serve my homebrewed sahti.

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