I do talks, brewing courses, brewing demonstrations, and beer tastings. My calendar for 2023 includes beer events, brewing courses, and travels to farmhouse brewing hubs. Next, I’m at Turku Medieval Market 2023.

Turku Medieval Market 2023

June 29July 2, 2023
Turku (Old Great Square – Suurtori), Finland

Olu Bryki Raum Brewery sells and brews their ancient ales at Turku Medieval Market 2023. The four-day festival and the brewing demonstrations begin on Thursday June 29, 2023. I’ll join the brewing demonstrations for Thursday and Friday July 29–30. On Thursday we’ll brew Sahti with an unusual yet historical method. On Friday we’ll brew Sauna raw ale with birch based on my recipe. The historical brewing demonstrations can be followed each day for the whole market time: 12–20 on Thu-Fri, and 12–18 on Sat-Sun.

Here I’m brewing Sahti with Olu Bryki Raum at Turku Medieval Market 2022. Photo by Sami Brodkin.

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