Farmhouse Ales

Farmhouse Ales

Adventures in the age-old yet vibrant traditions of northern farmhouse ales: sahti in Finland, koduõlu in Estonia, Sweden’s gotlandsdricke, the maltøl of Norway, and kaimiškas in Lithuania.

Let’s begin with a comprehensive intro:

Sahti and Related Ancient Farmhouse Ales

Read this to know the origins of these ales:

History of Farmhouse Ales

If you want brew sahti yourself, start with these tips:

Sahti Recipe and Farmhouse Brewing Tips

Then, you probably want to see a traditional sahti master in action:

Brewing Sahti in Pertunmaa

Low alcohol small beers were once important part farmhouse life too:

Small Beer Called Kalja

If you are visiting the Nordic or Baltic countries, I recommend reading this:

Where to Find Commercial Nordic and Baltic Farmhouse Ales?

If you are wondering how sahti can be brewed far away from the Nordic farmhouses, check this awesome collaboration brew in Oregon:

Brewing Sahti at The Ale Apothecary

Voss, Hornindal, and Stjørdal are the main farmhouse brewing hubs of Norway. These stories are based on my visits to these places:

Heimabrygg and Vossaøl: Farmhouse Ales of Western Norway
Brewing Norwegian Farmhouse Ale in Hornindal
Traditional Farmhouse Malting in Stjørdal
Commercial Farmhouse Maltsters and Brewers Around Stjørdal
Norsk Kornølfestival 2019 – A Feast of Norwegian Farmhouse Ales

If you are brewing with kveik or Lithuanian farmhouse yeast, you should definitely check this four-part guide:

Guide to Kveik and Other Farmhouse Yeast: Introduction
Guide to Kveik and Other Farmhouse Yeast: Fermentation
Guide to Kveik and Other Farmhouse Yeast: Reusing and Maintaining Yeast
Farmhouse Yeast Descriptions